About Us

Hi everyone, thank you for watching our web site.

This web site is created by Shun and Mitch.


Recently, the foreign tourists who visit to Japan is increasing rapidly. It means more people become interested in Japan.
There are many information media like web site or books, so in this web site, we’ll introduce you not only ordinary information but also outlandish information.

Also we’ll introduce our recommended tourist spot and restaurant in this site, furthermore we’ll exhibit the famous Japanese goods on our site so please check it too!!

And our goal in this web site is to take an interest in Japan and enjoy Japan, so if you have any question or request, please contact us light-heartedly. We shall be happy to make a great site with you.


Writer: Shun
Hi!! I’m Shun, nice to meet you. I’m the writer of this blogs.
I was born in 1990th and grew up in Yokohama Japan. And I also lived in Australia for 5years when I was elementary school, but I commuted to Japanese school so please be gentle about English grammar or expressions.
When I was in college student, I belonged to international club, which introduce Japanese cultures and touring spot to foreign exchange students.
At this moment, I realized that foreigners are interested in Japan and they want to know Japan as much.
In this reason, I decided to open this web site. So, as I said on the top, I want to develop this web site with you to do so, the doors are always open to contact us!!


PhotoGrapher: Mitch
img_0868Hi!! I’m Mitch, Thank you for visiting our page.
I’m not good at English as Shun, because I  have been living in Iwate Japan ever since I was born.
But my photos add beauty to this blog.